The Real Christmas Story

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Ashayana &A’hza-yana Deane, Ekr’s MCEO

MCEO FreedomTeachings

Introduction to the Real Christmas Story

Az and I would like pass on to you a special “Christmas gift” that the Eieyani have given us to share with you in commemoration of this holiday season that has come to mean so much within many global cultures.This gift belongs to all Human, Indigo and Hybrid races, be they of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Tribal or other faiths, as it is a gift of remembering a part of our shared heritage from which many of our most sacred celebrations have emerged. The gift of which we speak is called “The REAL Christmas Story“, a dispensation of historical fact  surrounding the birth of Jesheua Sananda Melchizedek (“Jesus” or “Jesheua-12) and the “Mass of the Christos” directly translated from the Emerald Covenant CDT-Plates holographic disc historical records…

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