Donald Tusk & and Rethinking The Alien Agenda..

Livia Ether FLOW


Bardzo ciekawe info ze strony Randy Green via Emerald Guardians z (Update 1st of December 2014) na temat Donalda Tuska i jego ciekawych powiazan z…

I am presently working on an assumption of an abandoning ship theory from the western brotherhoods along with their reptilian friends as well as the stellar allies that have positioned themselves in the 4th dimension linking the host fields here to the systems of their allies, and making it possible for the ones with genetic modifications to leave as we speak. The large sounds in the sky lately could be part of this 4th dimensional bridging, at least that is what I get from inside.

I cannot say for sure but the new political and economic trends have something to do with the new EU president Donald Tusk from Poland (eastern brotherhoods) coming into power in EU which traditionally belongs to the western…

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