Status Aurora-Earth Update Perspective Emerald Guardians 2015

Livia Ether FLOW


by Ra, Emerald Guardians

So… i dont post/write that much talky talkytalkywise.  its rare nowadays.
so now a good occasion to write. and show an/my Angle of perception onto things and a Now-Time status Aurora Earth update.

So lets begin with the GWL-APIN, that’s online but not yet secure.  for that me goes back to tip from andrew. grid still being booby-trapped kinda.. , and Puma-Punku was drained/descension of its energetics (at 1 date) , stolen/done by 1 group with 2 ships.


Great White Lion

to than use the energy to put p a block on North & South-Pole atmospheric insertion. and that was regarding a question re the heart of the lion (PSG12 area*) and the lion APIN itself. and :re: triple seal set.

GWL (Great White Lion) -LPIN regulator of the Vertical Flow.

Dark Flowering

Other way-in was via lemme for now just call it an…

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