Richard Sauder, Ph.D. Atop A Nuclear Silo on Deprogrammed Radio HD

Livia Ether FLOW

Thanx Mike via Ra & Viva Human Butterfly

Veröffentlicht am 27.01.2015

Author and Researcher Richard Sauder, Ph.D., discusses the actual title experience as well as Underground Bases (D.U.M.B.’s) and a fashionable warning about the actual Ayahuasca experience. ‘The Machine’ in which we are but fragments is defined and visually evidenced in this film of several Moon photographs clearly showing strafing marks (Catena Chains) from high powered military space weaponry. Spirituality is explored in this discussion and an update is included on his health following a tragic beating, an Amazonian Shaman’s attempt on his life.

Much More……

“The Lake Drain Trailer”

Performance Gallery Audio Presentations

Viva Human Buterfly


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